Cut in Stone

Most of us are cutting materials like aluminium, wood, plastic or steel. This guy is cutting stone, Jade to be specific.  As defined on Wikipedia, “Jade refers to an ornamental mineral, mostly known for its green varieties. It can refer to either of two different minerals: nephrite, a silicate of calcium and magnesium, or jadeite, a silicate of sodium and aluminium.”
Obviously it’s cutting characteristics are a different beast.
Thanks for sharing.  It’s another great example of creativity and ingenuity. This is the kind of stuff that is exciting and inspirational.

The result looks great!

CNC cutting Jade
CNC cutting Jade with Simple Art

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From Customer:
I bought Simple Engrave and Simple Art. I like both and have had some luck getting both to run. At first with Simple Engrave a had some problems but Jeff helped me with it and I am good now. Engraving is good but still trying to cut things out. This is what I’ve done. Will keep working on it. Both are well worth the money.

Always great to see how people are using the software.  It is inspiring to me to see how CNC hobbyist make their projects come to life.

Simple Art and Simple Engrave
Simple Art and Simple Engrave

Welcome 2 Simple CNC Blog

Your here because CNC is a passion, hobby or your career. I created Simple CNC because I wanted easy to use software to program with.  I have CAD/CAM software that can do anything needed, but that takes time to design and program.  I have been using CAD/CAM software for 27 years.  But, there are many tasks and full projects that do not require complex software.

I was working in a prototype shop back in 1996.  Using CAD/CAM to design and machine parts.  I moved out of that department to focus on CAD.  But, never lost the passion for CNC programming.  What if I had my own machine in my garage.  That would be so cool.  I researched how to turn this dream into reality.  At that time it seemed over my head.  The electrics was beyond me.

Around 2003 I met a coworker who had built a CNC router.  This guy soon became my best friend.  A year later he was helping me build my machine.  By 2005 my CNC dream was a reality.

Now I had a CNC machine in my garage.  I was programming with CAD/CAM.  It was working just fine.  But, the CNC machine I had used to make prototypes had a conversational programming language.  It was great for simple tasks.  It got me thinking about making some software that could do these easy tasks and projects.  That is how Simple CNC was born.